Sunday, March 6, 2011

Don't allow your wounds to transform you into someone you are not.

All perfect Love Stories stays incomplete !!!!!!

To fall In love there are three main steps !!!!!
convincing urself
convincing ur friends
convincing ur parents

Parents: In India Parents are considered Intelligent only if they are against Love Marriage !!!!The more time they take to get convinced the more responsible they are ..

Friends: Married ones will never support U since they know U r getting into deep shit n those who are committed will never have much to say n wil welcome U with a smile saying "yeee joining the way to hell" n those who are single there s a challenge in convincing them .. u try to explain wats its all about n when they try to help u out U JUST STAB them saying "U will not understand"

Convincing Urself: All the rest of it will happen only till U get married... But this part alone goes ON n on for quiet a some time ...... The more U love there are more chances for U getting hurt .. So be Practical .. Now where does practicality come in Love I have no idea .. But yes practicality is all what we need .. Girls who fall in love should make sure that they are never getting involved so much .. Its very easy for boys to change but for a gal changes happen slowly and when they finally get convinced n start saying OK now this s ma world only U .. D WHOLE GAME goes for a replay ..... Protect Urself from getting hurt ...

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